How safe is your home this summer?

June 13 2017

Every June, the National Safety Council recognizes National Safety Month. The awareness campaign begins just in time for the first days of summer when children spend more time at home and participate in warm-weather activities like swimming. Read on for a safety refresher that can help keep your loved ones safe.

Staying Safe Outside
After being cooped up all winter, is your family eager to dive into the local swimming pool or take a weekend trip to the lake? Practices like learning CPR, never leaving a child unattended near water and teaching everyone how to swim can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Riding bicycles, camping, playing sports and other outdoor activities also have safety concerns. Make sure children always wear the proper gear, keep them hydrated and teach them what to do if they ever become separated or lost while on an outing.

Indoor Safety Tips
A range of items around your house can be extremely dangerous if curious younger children ingest them, including over-the-counter medication, household chemicals and cleaning products. (Liquid laundry packets are especially tempting.) To avoid accidents, place potentially hazardous products in higher cabinets where kids can't reach. And don't forget alcohol and prescription drugs, which should be locked up to deter trouble.

To prevent burns and scalds, take preventive actions. Childproof electrical outlets and appliances, use the stove's back burners when cooking around kids and install safety gates to keep certain areas off limits.

Take a moment this month to look at your home and safety practices. Are you doing all you can to protect your family this summer?

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